[Inherit the Stars] Tessa Elwood


I can't wait to see the true cover. I will update it when I can!

I can’t wait to see the true cover. I will update it when I can!


Updated cover. A little too busy for my tastes.


I wish this book was hundreds of pages longer. I was very disappointed when it ended because I wanted to keep reading and reading. Inherit the Stars is a book about the three royal houses of Fane, Westlet, and Galton. They rule over three separate interplanetary systems, systems that used to work and are now suffering though food and energy crises that render them defenseless, should their enemies find out and invade. The world is filled with lies upon lies, all to survive.

This is Asa’s world. The youngest daughter of the House of Fane, Asa has tried her best to follow the rules that have been set before her. She believes she can shoulder anything, until her father decides that cutting off the life support of her beloved sister and heir, Wren, is the only way to save them from starvation. Asa embarks on a plan to save both her sister and the House of Fane by stealing into a marriage alliance that neither house can negate once it’s complete. It’s purely political and necessary for both houses, even if it didn’t turn out the way they wanted. Inherit the Stars is the story of how things continue to change in the world of these houses.

Tessa Elwood has written a wonderful beginning to a new series. It is full of subtle romance that is not the standard insta-love that afflicts many young adult novels in the market now. Eagle is quite literally a flawed character. He has a solid back story that is woven intricately into Asa’s own story and made me really love him. They have a relationship that is real and based on the mutual desire to make it through the daily problems of their houses.  Inherit the Stars  dropped me right into the action with no buildup and allowed me to see the world Elwood created as it exploded across the pages. I was able to get a distinct feel for the different planets Asa visited without being bogged down by too much information. I loved it. So much that I wish I could see more individual stories of the Fane, Westlet, and Galton houses. There just wasn’t enough in Inherit the Stars. I need more of this world and I can’t wait until I hear the news that it will continue.

5 very happy stars. I’m so glad I found a young adult sci-fi novel I enjoyed with no reservations. It was a pleasure to read it.

Inherit the Stars is slated for release on December 8th, 2015. I received a copy from the publisher through Net Galley and am writing a review in thanks.



  1. I can’t wait to read this book! I remember when I first heard about it it was called a YA Game of Thrones in space which is total catnip to me! So glad you enjoyed it, you wrote a lovely review and the book sounds amazing. I have a NetGalley copy too, will have to bump it up my list!!

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