[Angelblood: Dark Angel IV] Hanna Peach


As always, spoilers for the previous books of the Dark Angel series. Please check out the other reviews first if you’re interested in this series by Hanna Peach!



Seven days. That’s not a lot of time for Alyx and her companions to figure out how they can find Samyara, defeat him, and save Israel. Hanna Peach continues the saga of Alyx and Israel in Angelblood, where supernatural problems collide with romantic ones that started in Angelsong. There’s a lot of pressure on everyone to keep it together long enough to build up an army, a seemingly impossible task. Not everyone is on board with Alyx’s plan. She needs to find a way to convince them of its importance before it’s too late.

The first half of Angelblood was written well. The stress of convincing everyone that Israel is worth saving and that in order to do that they must go to war against Samyara is not an easy task. Alyx must use all of her mettle while juggling the problems that she and Jordan created in Angelsong. I love that the multiple perspectives in Angelblood allow us to see different parts of the plan. Each character has a unique voice and specific things they are worried about in addition to the main problem of fighting Samyara. Jumping around in the heads of the different characters also propels the story faster. The events of Angelblood occur over seven days, and the characters all feel that pressure. The first half of Angelblood is a bit slower, which I liked. There were more chances for details. Once the novel reached the second half of the seven days, it seemed to escalate too quickly. I understand that it was intentional, but the writing became a bit more shaky from that point on. I felt that it was a bit more telling than showing, which was frustrating because Hanna Peach is usually a writer who shows over telling. It was odd that it only occurred in the second half of the novel. It had to do with the first half being about multiple things where the second half was primarily about training, which didn’t leave much room for different issues.

Although there was a love triangle included, I felt that it gradually became clear that Alyx was gravitating toward one character. The love triangle served as a way to strengthen the main relationship while showing the kindness of the male characters involved. Alyx is the one that must make the decision. Neither male character tries to influence her (too much, at least) to choose them. It is all down to Alyx. I had a hard time deciding what character I wanted her to end up with. It’s nice that both male characters were written as good, caring men who care more about Alyx’s well-being and happiness than their own. The love triangle is short-lived; Hanna Peach seems to be writing the rejected character into another relationship where both parties involved are on the same page.

In my opinion, Angelblood is the weakest book of the series (at least to this point), which is odd given that it’s one of the final books in the series. That being said, it is still well-written and an entertaining read, even if I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous books. Overall, the series is still going strong and I am excited to read the conclusion to the series!

3.5 stars.
A huge thanks to Hanna Peach for providing me with a copy of Angelblood in exchange of an honest review!


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