Upcoming summer releases that I want to read, and you should too! Part one

Summer is the time for reading: iced tea, cold sandwiches, the warmth of the sun on my back…and a book in my hand. There’s so many books coming out in the summer that I thought I’d narrow it down* by sharing some of my most anticipated releases.

A note: some of the books mentioned here are ones that I’ve reviewed but sometimes my anticipation was greater than my enjoyment.

It’s the first week of June, which means that these could soon be in your (my) hands! Excitement!

ROAR: June 6th  I was lusting after an ARC of this one so bad, but I never was approved. *insert sad emoji here* So basically, the rulers of the land have the ability to harness storms. They reach into it and steal its essence in the form of a stone. BUT the protagonist doesn’t have this power, despite being from one of the ruling families. But she may be able to figure out a way to steal storm power. It sounds so dangerous, and so exciting! And the cover is beautiful.

TASH HEARTS TOLSTOY: June 6th Tash loves Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. She loves it so much that she created a (suddenly famous) web series that’s a modern day retelling. It sounds really cute and it’s right up my alley with the whole loving a book / books so much that you do something creative with said book. ALSO, she’s an asexual character which I hope is done really well because it’s the first I’ve seen in YA.

HERE LIES DANIEL TATE: June 6th This one sounds SO GOOD. When a boy who went missing six years ago suddenly reappears with no memories of that time, his overjoyed family reassure him that the memories will come back. Only one problem: HE ISN’T DANIEL TATE. He’s a CON ARTIST. DUNDUNDUUUUN. But seriously, this one sounds like a mystery and thriller all rolled up in one which I love reading.

THE SUFFERING TREE: June 13th  A mysterious inheritance, a town that doesn’t like outsiders, and a family with secrets–and a curse–they would do anything to keep hidden. I requested an ARC because I thought it sounded interesting, but it was a case of the summary saying one thing but the book being more about another. I’m including it because you can find my review here and decide for yourself. Some readers may enjoy it.

WANT: June 13th I want this one so bad. It’s set in TAIPEI, which is a place I love, AND it’s science fiction. In the future, the rich are the only ones able to afford special suits that protect them from the pollution that’s shortening the lives of everyone else. It also sounds like there may be a romance that’s kind of Romeo and Juliet-y, which could be cool. So excited for this one!

SAINTS AND MISFITS: June 13th A hijabi-wearing teen photographer is the protagonist! She’s trying to figure out who she is, so I think this is going to be a great coming-of-age novel.

AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS: June 27th This contemporary deals with what happens in Genesis’ life after an abortion. It mixes a lot of different tropes of the contemporary genre  which I talked about here. I think it will pull at the heartstrings of many readers while also giving them a story that explores things we don’t often talk about.

THE GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE: June 27th When I was younger, I found out what a Grand Tour was and immediately wanted to go on one. This also has pirates, highwaymen, a manhunt, and romance. I like historical fiction, so I’m really looking forward to this one too!

NOW I RISE (#2): June 27th These are some of my favorite historical novels. The characters are done unbelievably well and the story is so engaging! Radu is one of my favorite characters ever. This book is what happens when someone wonders what a female Vlad the Impaler would be like. Lada is one of the strongest female protagonists I’ve ever read. I love how she learns and changes. I reviewed this one!

FLIGHT OF A STARLING: June 29th Sisters and a circus. The romance that (maybe) gets between them. Basically three things I like reading.

Still with me?

THE DISAPPEARANCES: July 5th A novel about how ordinary things–dreaming, the smell of flowers–disappear every seven years. A fantasy-mystery: a mystasy!

ASH AND QUILL (#3): July 11th Are you intrigued by the Library of Alexandria? Do you like alternate history? You’ll like this.

THE LIBRARY OF FATES: July 18th A fantasy with Indian folklore and a quest for the Library of All Things where you’ll have the opportunity to change your fate? Sign me up!

THE LAST MAGICIAN: July 18th Magic is extinct and the people who have it are in hiding. The protagonist is a thief who can travel to the past to steal things from it! I’m so happy I have an ARC of this one. Historical fiction and fantasy=love.

VANGUARD (#4): July 25th This definitely was originally a trilogy, so I’m semi-excited/semi-confused to see a fourth one. The series tells the story of humankind driven underground, where living conditions aren’t great and there’s tunnel monsters, but the protagonist is exiled to the unlivable (?) surface world.

FIRST WE WERE IV: July 25th Secret societies, revenge, friends, thriller, and mystery. All words that make me want to read a book.

DAUGHTER OF THE BURNING CITY: July 25th Another novel with a carnival and a girl who has the power to create illusions. She thinks they’re only that–until one of them is murdered. The premise sounds so exciting!

THE GALLERY OF UNFINISHED GIRLS: July 25th I like that this one has an artist in it. I’ve also heard that there’s a bit of magical realism.

*”Narrow it down”–heavy on the sarcasm because I still ended up having so many books I wanted to talk about that I had to make a part two.




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