Upcoming summer releases that I want to read, and you should too! Part two

I’m back with more summer reads! Part one can be found here. There’s so many books that I want to read this summer that I may go broke. Or at least run out my amazon gift card.

The hottest month. Good for reading indoors. Or in the pool.

SHIMMER AND BURN: August 8th Magic smuggling. Need I say more?

THE HEARTS WE SOLD: August 8th A deal with a devil?? Come to me, book!

THIS IS NOT THE END: August 8th If you can resurrect one person in your life by your eighteenth birthday, who would you choose? It’s an impossible choice, but should it be a choice at all?

THE EPIC CRUSH OF GENIE LO: August 8th Chinese mythology, a heroine with powers, and demons that are suddenly plaguing her little town. I’ll be reviewing this one soon!

A MAP FOR WRECKED GIRLS: August 15th A story about sisters with a strained relationship who are shipwrecked on an island! It’s bound to be intense.

THE RATTLED BONES: August 22nd An island with a ghost, and a secret about the displaced people of the island and a history that’s been hidden away by the community.

WICKED LIKE A WILDFIRE: August 15th The women in this have a magical ability that they use to create art, but they have to keep it hidden. There’s bargains, fate, and a warning against romance.

THE TIGER’S WATCH: August 22nd Bonded animals and humans! I’m really curious about how they communicate. This one also has a genderfluid protagonist, which seems to be rare in YA (even though there’s a second one on my list)

THE ARSONIST: August 22nd Molly, Pepper, and Ava: two alive and one dead. I’m interested in reading how Molly and Pepper are connected and how they solve an unsolved mystery about an East German woman whose murder led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

WONDER WOMAN: WARBRINGER: August 29th With the success of the movie (not connected to the book), I suspect that this will be one of the biggest reads of Summer 2017. By the way, Helen of Troy was a Warbringer, if that interests you.

Or should I say “September 5th releases” because so many are coming out.

Yeah, yeah, it’s technically autumn, but it’s still face meltingly hot here.

DEVILS WITHIN: September 5th I’m just gonna leave part of the summary here because this is all I needed to want to read this: “Killing isn’t supposed to be easy. But it is. It’s the after that’s hard to deal with.”

EVEN THE DARKEST STARS: September 5th Kamzin dreams of being a royal explorer–climbers who map the mountains and spy on the emperor’s enemies. When she’s hired for an expedition, it’s like her dreams are coming true–but there’s a secret that threatens everything. There’s sisters, competitive climbing, ghosts, and adventure in this one!

GIRLS MADE OF GLASS AND SNOW: September 5th A Snow White retelling, but it’s not as simple as that. It follows both Mina, the queen with a heart made of glass, and Lynet, the princess who is the spitting image of her late mother because she was created from snow, an order given to a magician by her father. I love retellings.

TOWER OF DAWN (#6): September 5th I like Chaol. I feel like he gets treated really poorly. This one’s going to be about his quest to be healed. I’m excited to see the interesting side characters blossom into main characters.

CINDERELLA, NECROMANCER: September 5th I’m intrigued by this purely because of its title. It’s also a retelling. It’s either going to be good or bad. It could go either way.

MASK OF SHADOWS: September 5th Another genderfluid main character! This one has a competition of assassins that a thief joins so they can try to get their revenge. The plot sounds similar to a lot of other YA novels, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one stands on its own.

THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END: September 5th This book is being published on September 5th and it happens on September 5th. I find that cool. There’s things called End Days and there’s an app to connect people who want to have a great last day. I feel like this one is going to be really sad but really good.

THE LONELIEST GIRL IN THE UNIVERSE: September 7th This one has a lone survivor of a ship heading to a new planet (so many questions) who suddenly is contacted by another ship with a lone passenger. I get a sci-fi horror vibe from this one. Hope it is!

BEFORE SHE IGNITES: September 12th Hopebearer. The one who’s responsible for the peace treaty that united separate islands in order to fight their common enemy. That’s a lot of pressure to put a girl under. Then she discovers a secret and is betrayed by the people who formerly praised her.

ONE DARK THRONE (#2): September 19th Three sister queens continue the fight for the one throne. They each have a different unique power and now they know how to use them. The end of the first one was so good.

INVICTUS: September 26th There’s time traveling in this and there’s a black market side to it: stealing artifacts from history. It sounds like it’ll have a nice mix of settings.



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