[Ava’s Demon: Chapters 1-18] Michelle Czajkowski’s ongoing online series

Talk about an awesome cover page.

Ava’s Demon is an incredibly beautiful series that exists online for free, for which I am extremely grateful. The artwork is stunning and the story is engaging, and I heartily recommend this for readers who like graphic novels and readers who like dystopian, fantasy, and science fiction stories. You can find the ongoing series here. The author seems to be halfway through (my rough estimate) chapter nineteen. It’s updated regularly on Thursdays AND –my favorite piece of information–it’s FINISHED. The only thing the author-illustrator needs to do is draw it! I find that so incredible.

Ava’s Demon starts out simply enough. Ava, one of the main characters of this story, has a demon that has been with her for her whole life. The demon has been whispering horrible things in Ava’s ear since she was a child, so Ava is not a happy person. Not at all. She goes through her days feeling unloved and forgotten, but wishing that she wasn’t. When an attack hits her school and Ava manages to escape, the demon isn’t very happy. But when they crash land on a planet and Ava is injured in the crash, it seems the demon is finally going to get her wish.

At the eleventh hour, the demon reveals that Ava doesn’t have to die and can start her life over–if she enters into a pact with the demon. Of course, demons tend to lie. Ava does survive, but not in the way that she was led to believe. Ava’s Demon then progresses into a story that blends fantasy elements with that of a science fiction world. It becomes about so much more than demons and their humans.

As the story is ongoing, it’s a little difficult to review the plot since it’s just a small snapshot of the larger story. It definitely has dystopian elements to it where things aren’t always what they seem and there’s a organization–or a person (yet to be determined)–who controls a lot of planets. So far there’s only been a couple of places in the comic, but it seems like interplanetary travel may be used to show different elements of the world that Czajkowski has created. There’s hints about another force that destroys planets that hasn’t been fully revealed, as well as characters with pasts. Ultimately, everything Czajkowski is doing is making me extremely interested in the story. It’s being given to the reader slowly, but gives us tantalizing tastes of the larger picture. I’m so excited to keep reading it.

I chose a few panels that I thought illustrated moments of the plot but weren’t particularly spoilery of the larger story. All credit goes to the artist, Michelle Czajkowski, and panels are linked to their respective pages on the Ava’s Demon site. 

A person who takes over the world and has an organization full of followers.

A world where being human is seen as a disadvantage…

But are they blind? Not all believe in Titan…

Titan is not the answer for all races. Sometimes, they reject Titan. Sometimes, he is not the savior his followers believe him to be.

Friendly and unfriendly demons inhabit the world, hiding behind their person.

You can enter into a pact that needs to be fulfilled or else there will be dire consequences.

I love the use of color in this to set the tone for both characters and setting. It really influences how you see certain characters, but it also doesn’t reveal too much where you see them as only one thing. I personally have never seen it done before. Typically, the graphic novels I’ve read do use color to set the tone of the setting, but never for individual characters. It really helped the story become so much more interesting to me. In addition to the colors, the artist uses short videos to make her graphic novel even more visually rich. I find it really unique and it drags you even further into the story.

As for the characters themselves, they all have different personalities. There’s two minor characters that I have a hard time telling apart because they haven’t been in the story as much and they’re twins, but everyone else is really distinct. They have different goals and drives that give meaning to their lives, and I’m excited to see how they continue to all tie in together. I can’t wait to meet more characters and to see how they fit in with the current four.

Now that I’ve finished reading up to what has been written, waiting is going to be a struggle. I’m looking forward to seeing more chapters but I’ll probably wait a bit until I have a lot more to read. If you can handle catching up and then having to wait for the next installment, definitely start reading now! If you don’t want to read until it’s completely finished, I don’t have a time estimation for you, unfortunately. But I’d recommend starting now any way, because it’s very good.

If you start reading Ava’s Demon, let me know what you think of it! If you missed the first link to it, Ava’s Demon can be found here!



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