[Lose Me.] M.C. Frank

When a book starts with Today is not the day I die, you know you’re in for a roller coaster of emotions. Lose Me. is a lovingly written story about the complications life throws at you, first loves, and moving forward with your dreams. Ari is a stuntwoman with her first job coming up: a movie loosely based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. She’ll be doing most of the stunts for the female lead, a prospect she’s equally nervous and excited about. She knows that she’ll be able to do her job, despite a problem she recently discovered; a problem she keeps pushing to the back of her mind.Frank quickly sets the tone of the novel, with tight and twisting streets and clear blue waters. Both the setting and the characters are richly described, making it difficult for the reader to not enjoy the book.  Ari is spunky and takes no slack from anyone, particularly Wes, the rude lead that believes he’s better than most everything on her island. I loved that her job was performing stunts. I’ve never read a character with a job quite like hers. These two characters are the primary focus of Lose Me., though there’s plenty of secondary characters that are just as vivid. I loved all of the characters in this novel. The characters that Frank created are very real. I had a clear picture of their personalities and desires, even their fears. I loved following their story.

The romance in this story closely mirrored the romance of Elizabeth and Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. There were moments of beauty and moments of misunderstanding. I really enjoyed that they were filming a Pride and Prejudice movie and that their romance always paralleled it. I love when books are homages to other books that I enjoy, and Austen is an author that I love seeing referenced. I think that Frank did a wonderful job of connecting both modern day and classical novel. 

I really like the dislike-to-love trope when it comes to romance. Ari and Wes are two people who definitely don’t get alone when they first meet. Wes is rude and full of thoughts of his own importance, and Ari doesn’t have time for people like him. I liked seeing how they each gradually gravitated toward each other. Frank did a wonderful job of showing how their relationship grew from very little. I think that a lot of people have the daydream that they’ll meet someone famous one day and fall in love, so reading Lose Me. was like having that little fantasy come true. Sometimes you just need to get away from the real world with a romance that is like this.The setting of Lose Me. was gorgeous. Greece is one of the countries that I’ve wanted to visit ever since I first read about Greek gods and goddesses, and it was great that Lose Me. took me to this location. I thought the town was vividly described in a way that gave me a clear picture of the streets, the buildings, and the atmosphere. Frank even described the food in a way that had me craving some Greek cuisine. Much like I could visualize the characters’ personalities, the island of Corfu was like a character itself. It was so richly described that it was like I was traveling the narrow lanes with Ari and Wes. I absolutely love when the setting is as detailed as it was in Lose Me. And as a bonus, there were even parts set in London, one of my favorite towns in the world.

The only thing I was kind of so-so on was around the middle of the novel. It was necessary, as those who have read the novel will understand, but I personally was a little bored by it. It was a little too much introspection for my tastes––I wanted to get back to the romance and adventure! The rest of the pacing in the novel was great; I just felt like this part of the story was slowed down a little too much for me. I did like how it made Ari realize how she needed to change, but it didn’t get there fast enough for me. Other than this small part, Lose Me. was a novel that kept me engaged the whole time. I loved the characters, the setting, and the close connections to one of my favorite Austen novels. It actually made me want to reread Pride and Prejudice, because it’s been a while. 

Between the characters, the setting, and the story, Lose Meis an addicting read for readers who want to live the romance of falling in love when the odds are stacked up against you. I really recommend this novel to readers who enjoy both new adult and young adult. It’s chock full of romance and is a perfect summer read (or anytime read!). I think readers who like Jane Austen, the thrill of romance, and the adventure of books set in foreign countries will really enjoy this one!

4 stars.

I received a copy of Lose Me. from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!


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