[Wicked like a Wildfire] Lana Popović

I’m surprised that a book that has witches, forbidden love, and magic ended up being so boring. I was really looking forward to getting my hands on this one because the concept sounded really amazing, but the execution was not my favorite. Twin sisters Iris and Malina have magical abilities that allow them to manipulate beauty. Malina can sing and manipulate moods and Iris can see flowers in fractal form, which she then turns into stunning glasswork. They come from a line of women who are cursed, and as a result they can not fall in love or else they will bring the curse upon them.

Iris and Malina are two characters who are very different. Where Malina is a bit softer and potentially too naïve, Iris is harder and she believes she sees the world as it is. As a result, she often makes rash decisions which turn out to be mistakes that come back to haunt her. She’s a dreamer, which was something I liked about her. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much else that I liked about her. It was really frustrating to read at times because the book follows her point of view, and while there were things that were obvious to the reader right away, it took Iris forever to figure them out.

A major distraction to the story was the writing. While I love a good amount of flowery prose, I found that the usage of it in Wicked Like a Wildfire really just took me out and held me at arms length from the story.  I didn’t feel attached to any of the characters or the story as much as I would have liked. This disconnect was something that I felt for most of the book, which is probably why it took me ages to read this one. I wish that I’d been able to get into the story more because the idea is so cool! But the story and the style together really did not work for me.

I do think that I’ll check out the second in this series, because I am curious about what will happen next. Unfortunately it’s in a begrudging sort of way because I feel like the ending was not fair to the reader. I really loathe when a story that takes so long to get to the point leaves readers with a cliff-hanger. It’s not fair to the reader, especially when I feel like much of the book could have been condensed down into a more concise story.

*     *     *

Do you like magical realism? I normally do, but this one was not a good one for me. Have you read this one?


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