Reading and Reviewing: July Edition

*・゜Currently Reading*・゜

This month is going to be a bit light on the reading because I’m in the process of moving. I’ve fallen behind in what I want to read and review, so I’m going to need to kick it into high gear if I want to finish my goals by the end of the year! I’m hoping that once things settle down I’ll be able to get back into reading two or more books a week.

*・゜Netgalley Wishlist*・゜

I actually got a lot of my wishes granted! Originally I had The Rattled Bones on this list, but as you can see, it moved! I’m hoping I get this last one granted.

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It’s hot and it’s cold: What I’m reading in October as the weather figures itself out

I ended up reading a lot when I was home for my visit. But I not what I had put on my September TBR pile.

I blame Sarah J. Maas and her Throne of Glass series.

And my lack of control.

While the first novel, Throne of Glass, is a mess, the rest of the series became something that I loved and obsessively read (and am still reading, actually) when I was home. Because of that I ended up only finishing Dreamwielder, so I’m shuffling the rest of those books into my October TBR pile. Time also got away from me so I ended up without any new physical books this time. Thank goodness for Amazon, or else I’d really be crying.

*・゜Finishing up*・゜

I'm trying to read this slower than the others because I there's not another one to read after this one. But I'll probably devour it.

I’m trying to read this slower than the others because I there’s not another one to read after this one. But I’ll probably devour it.

*・゜Going to read*・゜

No theme this month. And only one book that’s kind of Halloween-y. I’ll have to find other books that are spooky to read this month!

The cover is so pretty and old-fashioned looking! In this book, no one can dream! Dreams are manufactured, which is a really cool dystopian slant. And for whatever reason, once you turn 35, you're sent to live beneath the city? I'm very intrigued. I have high hopes for this one, so I really hope it's good! It just came out this year in April.

This month for sure! Check out my September reads for my thoughts on it.

There's still a good chunk of time left before this book is published in March 2017. I want to read it because it's about witches--specifically ones that can raise the dead. It's a new series, so I hope I like it! Perfect for the month of Halloween.

There’s still a good chunk of time left before this book is published in March 2017. I want to read it because it’s about witches–specifically ones that can raise the dead. It’s a new series, so I hope I like it! Perfect for the month of Halloween.

*・゜Upcoming Reviews*・゜

These books. I really love this series, but I still stand firm that the first book kind of sucks.

These books. I really love this series, but I still stand firm that the first book kind of sucks. I’m glad I was able to binge read them and had been told they got better!

And that’s it! I’m sure that there will be a lot more that I read, but I have to remind myself to focus on making my costume for Halloween. Preparing it will be a process, but I hope it will turn out the way I want it to! Happy reading, everyone!

Slipping into Autumn: My September Books

This month is going to be a little light on the reading and reviewing. I’m visiting home, so while I have a good chunk of travel time to read, I won’t have a lot of time to sit down and write my reviews. I do have a few new releases that are coming out in October that I have reviews for. I’m excited that I finally get to share them because I read them in early to mid-August.

I think the best part about going home is that I can buy books in person! I’ve bought books online here, but they tend to be expensive and they also take forever to arrive. I have some series that I’m planning to finish out and I’ll probably buy some more books as well, because I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to books.

*・゜I’m excited to get my hands on these!*・゜

I read A Darker Shade of Magic ages ago and I've been trying to get this one ever since. I want my covers to match, so I NEED this one. Desperately.

I read A Darker Shade of Magic ages ago and I’ve been trying to get this one ever since. I want my covers to match, so I NEED this one. Desperately.

Everyone says that the second and third of this series makes it, so I'm hoping that they're right.

Everyone says that the second and third of this series makes it, so I’m hoping that they’re right.


I feel like everyone in the young adult book community finished this years ago.

*・゜I have a reading theme!*・゜

So apparently I’ve put off reading books that all deal with dreams!

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More Summer Reading: My August Books

August is a good time to read a ton of books. My work placement is very unique in the sense that although I have to go to work, I don’t actually have much work until it starts up again in mid-September. So, that means lots of reading. I’m going to try to remember to read and review on time (instead of reading a lot of them and then realizing that I haven’t reviewed any, oops!) this time around.

In addition to books, I have some backlogs of reviews and a post about seeing The Cursed Child in London (!!) to do. I also am excited about doing an author interview. I’m really hoping that it works out!  Right now I’m working on reviews–but I also have The Dream Thieves open on my kindle because I can’t resist. So without further ado:

*・゜Finishing Up*・゜

I really love this series. I thought that I’d get to the third one too, but I ended up putting this one last on my list and am only getting to the end now.


Over halfway through now, the only downside of this book is I kind of feel that it’s very much a middle book–things happen, but not as much as I feel they did in THE RAVEN BOYS.


*・゜Coming Up *・゜

Books, books, books. So many books. Some are newish, some are getting up there, and others are brand new from NetGalley!

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Time for Summer Reading: My July Books

I have a problem. A good problem, but a problem nevertheless.

Recently, I was checking my email–primarily deleting spam, of course–when I clicked on one from NetGalley. It’s nice to be updated when new titles are available, but most of the time it’s not something I’m 100 percent interested in. This time, I hit the jackpot. A while back I heard about a manga called Monstress and saw a little bit of the art in the pages that were being teased. It looked absolutely stunning, with a great sounding story to boot, so I’m excited that I have the opportunity to check it out.

That’s just one of the many that I want to finish up this month! As usual, I want to read a bunch of fantasy novels. Some have a more modern setting than others, but they’re all ones that I’m really looking forward to!


I received several advance reading copies from NetGalley. A lot of them will be fall releases. Depending on the publisher’s wishes, reviews may not be revealed until it’s closer to the release date!


Historical fiction, flappers, and Hemopaths–humans whose blood gives them abilities. October 2016.


The review for this will most likely be me gushing about how stunningly beautiful I find the art. Collected edition, July 2016.


Two girls who were affected by 9/11 differently have their stories told together in the past and present. August 2016.


Angels and Demons: the children of Heaven and Hell are among us–and they can never fall in love. October 2015

I hope that I get to the last on this list, but as I’m doing some traveling at the end of the month, I’m not 100% sure if I’ll make it to the end!

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Happy New Year!

Starting off the new year: Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I hope everyone had a good holiday!

Although it seems like I have been missing in action and  slow on reviewing for the past couple of months, I have been reading in an attempt to make my reading goal for 2015.

Spoiler alert: three books off. Sadface.

However, I feel pretty good about my reading and reviewing milestones in 2015! I’m a notorious slacker when it comes to posting on my personal travel / living in Japan blog (I’m fairly certain that I haven’t posted since early 2014–and I only remember this because I posted about the monumental occasion of my first local Shinkansen ride, which was a pretty big deal). This is different because I feel like I’m working toward something.


But in a really good way, of course! I really hope to work with publishing in some capacity in the future, so I’m proud of what I’ve created here. I’ve come a long way from just reading books and remembering them fondly (or in the case of a really good book, rereading them multiple times). I am still so excited whenever I can talk with the authors of books that I’ve enjoyed. I love doing this. Even if there’s times when it seems really quiet here, know that I will be back!

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[The beauty and danger of advance reading copies]

I tend to be an obsessive reader. From a young age I’ve loved going to libraries. My mom would bring us to the library in town where shelves-upon-shelves of easy chapter books and children’s books existed. While my brothers browsed the books with pictures and simple words, I’d scan the shelves for one of The Magic Tree House books that I hadn’t yet read.  When my school sent us home with Scholastic book catalogues I’d read through the pages and circle the many I wanted, begging my mom to let me join the  Boxcar Children and Baby-Sitter’s Little Sister book clubs they offered. As I got older I was able to walk the few blocks to the library myself and I’d stagger home with as many as I could carry, often from the Dinotopia and Animorphs series. I devoured book after book, discovering new loves like the Harry Potter series and Elizabeth I, one of the Royal Diaries series. (My love of England and interest in Elizabeth the First can probably be traced back to this book. )  For Christmas, all I asked for were books and I got them.

Moving to England for a brief time was a dream. Walking the streets were so many of my favorite books were set was something I had desired since I had first read them. Shopping in London bookstores for the British English editions of Harry Potter and antique copies of Shakespeare was incredibly fun. I have a passion for finding books that are beautifully bound with gilt edged pages, and I came away with quite a haul. My entire carry-on bag was full of books.  I am quite aware that I have a purchasing problem, but I love the feel of a physical book in my hands–the new book smell, the smooth and creamy pages, the crisp noise of the first time you open a hardcover book. I just can’t resist them. With the purchase of a Kindle, I made the reluctant move to buying more ebooks because I couldn’t bring my physical copies when I moved abroad. I’m still able to visit my library through their growing ebook selection, but it’s not quite the same as walking the rows and scanning the names of books for one that screams out for me to read it. Scrolling past titles on my brightly lit computer screen just doesn’t have the same sense of wonder.

I’ve found this wonder in an unexpected place. When I worked at a bookstore I was able to read advance reading copies on break. The first one I ever read, The Fifth Wave, made me want to start a book blog. Unfortunately, I was a bit preoccupied with the move abroad and had to put it on the back burner. It’s been on the back burner for several years, but recently I’ve made it a point to become serious about the things that are important to me. When I first started, I struggled with finding things that were new. Of course, I love reading anything, but people already had formed opinions on a lot of the things that I was reviewing because they’ve been published for several years. Other book bloggers I follow were reading books that sounded fascinating and they were newly published or even advance reading copies.  I want to provide reading advice to people who are looking for a new book to read. I wasn’t able to do this if I only reviewed books that have been out for years.  After doing some research which involved a lot of book post stalking, I learned about places like NetGalley.

NetGalley is a wonderful place. Book bloggers are able to check out upcoming titles from many different publishers. By allowing people to read these advance reading copies, publishers are able to get a look at how the book may do once it’s published. And authors get a little boost before their book comes out. As an aspiring author, I know how important readers and book reviews are to a new book. By writing about upcoming and recently published books, I hope that I’m garnering some interest in what is being published in the vast world of young adult and new adult fiction. That is the beauty of reading these brand-spanking new titles. The danger, of course, goes back to my obsessive nature. It never is a problem to have too many books, but the problem is: I want them all. Good thing I’m a fast reader!

Coming up:

25722504Angelstone: Second in the Dark Angel series, Hanna Peach was kind enough to let me read her series and review them. This is ongoing. I really like the take of the Angels and Demons that she portrays in its pages. Dark Angel deals with a prophecy that connects Heaven, Hell, the angels, the demons, and the humans caught between both worlds.



Currently reading:

24488627Noir: Second in the Illumination Paradox series, Noir also comes quick on the heels of Lumière. I finished up my review and discovered that the second was out. Thanks to NetGalley, Noir quickly moved up my reading list. These novels are set in a world where the shadows reign and steam punk devices make life a little more interesting–most of the time. I love the Victorian feel and the characters are very vivid. The ebook version was only recently published on August 18th and the paperback and audio versions are coming out September 22nd of this year.


Things I’m excited about:

25792851Angelsong: The next in the Dark Angel series





24397041Hunter by Mercedes Lackey: This one. I requested it ages ago and it took so long to get any sort of notification from the publisher that I assumed I hadn’t been approved. I assumed wrong. Very excited to read this one. The cover is really neat looking and the story promises to be interesting. Monsters have taken up residence in our world, and the people who survived the initial attacks have to live in communities that are protected from them. There are teenagers called Hunters who are charged with protecting citizens, but it becomes clear that the better they are at protecting, the more famous they become and the more scrutiny they fall under. It sounds like a mix between Attack on Titan and the television element of The Hunger Games. I’m so glad to have been approved. Hunter will be available on September 1st.