Literary Eats: Game of Thrones Savory Pie

If you’re like me, the food that you read about in books serves as inspiration for the food you make and eat in your own kitchen. Now that we’re in the final season of Game of Thrones––and as we wait for the next book in the series––I wanted to make something that made my Game of Thrones viewing party that much more authentic.

That’s where this savory pie comes in. I’m a vegetarian, so most of the savory pies inspired by Game of Thrones were chock-full of meat. When my search online didn’t yield any results that I really loved, I decided to make my own savory pie! Using a couple of savory pie recipes as a starting point, I picked ingredients that I thought would meld well together and be hearty enough to keep you satisfied after eating.

Potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, and onions are layered in a thick pie crust in this Game of Thrones savory pie. Whether you’re starting your first episode or gearing up for the series finale of the show, this pie will be sure to make you feel right at home.

Full recipe is at the bottom of the post!

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Literary Eats Recipe: Game of Thrones Savory Pie

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