Ten books that held a surprise within their pages…but not always in a good way

Today’s post is about surprises.  Whether there was a twist that shocked me and had me physically react to the book or a book that I ended up thinking about long after I had finished it, these are books that fit the surprises prompt. In no particular order, here are ten books that held surprises for me within their pages.


My first Gillian Flynn book, this one kept me turning the pages like crazy! The story itself was so thrilling and I didn’t know what to believe. The ending was really unsettling for me (and I was angry but I also thought it was so good!), and I found myself looking for Flynn’s other books after finishing this one.


I will admit that initially the title was a big turn off so I didn’t actively seek out this book. When I received it in a book box I wasn’t that  excited…but then I read it. It was a surprise to read a book that created a lot of emotions within me the way that this one did. I wrote my review here!


I haven’t read this book since I read it for a class assignment back in middle school, but I remember being so angry about what happens. I loved the book for the kingdom that the characters created, because it reminded me of my own make believe. So when the real world comes crashing into that, as a child I had a hard time separating the fact that something so real could happen in a world that I believed to be magical. I think I’d be able to handle it better now, but at the time it was so jarring.


I just finished this book and I decided to include it because I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I thought it was going to be a standard contemporary with a sci-fi twist, but it was so much more than that. I was surprised by how much I connected with the main character. Continue reading