Ten of my favorite character names

I had a whole post planned around things I like in names and name creation but then life happened and I only had four things written by the deadline. It will come in the future! Instead, I wanted to focus on some of my absolute favorite names (and oftentimes some of my favorite books) in today’s post.

Names are a big part of writing and reading for me. I spend so much time finding the perfect name when I’m in the middle of writing. I usually set a chunk of separate time aside because I can get stuck looking at names for hours. Because of my own naming tendencies,  I love when authors pick names that fit their characters well. Here are some that have stuck in my mind!

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Names in Books

The Raven Cycle. I just love his name. It fits his personality perfectly. I’m beyond excited that he’s getting his own series soon!

Charmed. I read the companion novels a long time ago but I loved the show more. I also really love the name Piper.

The Mortal Instruments. Despite the problems I have with this franchise, I do really love these names.

The Hunger Games. I love this name so much I’m using it as one of my character names!

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Wednesdays are for Writing: The Fear

To say that I’ve been unproductive is an understatement.

Where has February gone? I’m looking at the end of February barreling down toward me and I’m realizing that I have gotten almost nothing done. Sure, I’ve read a few books, written a few posts, but my novel has languished on my computer and in my brain. My stellar plan of writing every day went away with complications of work, getting a cold, and fear.

Fear of failure and not being successful. Fear of my book not being interesting enough or being too much of something done before. Fear that it will never get done, so for some reason my brain has decided to…not do it at all?

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It makes absolutely no sense. I understand that, but that is also exactly the reason why I haven’t gotten back to it after working on it during the first few days of February. If I don’t start it, I can’t fail. It’s a sort of backwards thought process that makes my procrastination okay. But it’s not. I’ve allowed the fear to creep into every aspect of my writing life, choking off any potential creative growth.

I need to shake off the fear and procrastination, but now I’m at that point where I’m afraid to go back to it because I haven’t written in a while. There’s this cycle that my brain gets into that I can’t escape. I haven’t written for a while, so anything I write won’t be good. And anything I write will be cut out anyway, so I should wait until I feel confident to write…and I hardly ever do. With Nanowrimo, I was forced to write every day. There was a community––both online and in person––and a low-key competition that motivated me to write. Even when I didn’t feel confident, I had to write. If I didn’t, I’d fall behind––and catching up on Nanowrimo missed days on top of work is not an easy thing to do.

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Wednesdays are for Writing: Lost in Worlds

I think, perhaps, that every writer and budding writer has five types of writers all jumbled together inside of them:

The pantster

who writes like ink is flowing from their fingertips, the words damming and overflowing at different points in their story

The plotster

 who quietly waits for every detail they’ve hinted at to come together in a climatic series of moments

The flourisher

 who writes words like they’re poetry and the worlds they create are full of light and shadows you can lick from your fingertips like honey

The crafter

who detailsdetailsdetails and creates a world full of richness and vibrancy that couldn’t exist elsewhere


The perfectionist

who looks for any plot holes and mistakes that make a story that feels real stutter for a moment as the reader stumbles over them

*   *   *

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As I’m currently reworking my Nanowrimo draft of a first finished* novel, these are the things I’m thinking about right now. I think that every writer has a percentage of these types of writers inside of themselves. It’s hard to be only one. Writers may be more of one over the rest of them or be 40-40-10-10. Everyone’s process is different, which is why I find reading about different writer’s processes very curious and illuminating.

*It technically has a beginning and an end, but the middle is so muddled up that it needs to be 80% scraped

But the topic of this post is refocusing. I’m writing it because I’ve found myself in a rabbit-hole of sorts at this point in my prepping for the revision/rewrite/burning of my first draft. And the problem is this: details.

 Details like:

  • How many large cities vs small cities vs towns vs villages? Do I need to know all of their names now (obsessive answer: yes because map making; calmer answer: no, probably not because I can just put in fillers) or can I just figure that out when I have more of the story written?
  • Where are the mountains? The oceans? The grasslands?
  • What was life like for some of the main secondary characters before they entered my main character’s life?
  • whatwhowhywhenhow…

I get so focused on the minutiae of the story that I lose touch with the larger story. I believe strongly that a writer should know a lot more about their characters and setting than is revealed to the readers; I think that it makes the story better if the writer knows the background details in order to make everything as rich as it can be.

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But sometimes I find myself knowing more than I need to at that moment. My curiosity takes me on trips down lanes of lesser known towns, deep into forests where explorers set up camp, and across oceans to islands full of pirates. As I’m discovering things about my world and making it wider, I’m also getting tangled up in the muchness of it.

So this post is my attempt to distance myself, just a little bit. I’m excited about the opportunities that my world is providing me. I thought that this was just going to be a two book series, but now I’m thinking about different stories and different characters. I just have to write the first two before I can go onto other ones!

I’m locking down ideas and putting them in a box for later.

   *   *   *

Happy writing–and focusing–to those who are on the same path I am.